Karyuwi Barton

UMN Consulting's Content Writer, Karyuwi Barton

The 99’s girl who is responsible for giving birth to words that describing research done by UMN Consulting (and making it fun).

Risna Alfianingrum

UMN Consulting's Content Writer, Risna Alfianingrum

Gen Z’s representative who is responsible for developing UMN Consulting’s research into compelling articles and making it available to the public.

Chevellia Aurelle Widelyne

UMN Consulting's Promotional Executive, Chevelia Aurelle Widelyne

She is responsible for helping the sales and marketing team design and plan promotional strategies to reach UMN Consulting’s target.

Al Briham

UMN Consulting Marketing Manager, Al BrihamAl Briham

He is responsible for managing the business, sales, and marketing side of UMN Consulting by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense control.