Gen Z dan Ancaman Golput di Pemilu 2024

UMN Consulting, Jakarta – Golput adalah momok bagi Pemilu 2024. Didukung oleh penyebaran informasi secara pesat melalui media sosial, kampanye golput bakal rentan memengaruhi Gen Z. Bagaimana tidak? Generasi Centennial ini menghabiskan lebih dari 8 jam sehari menjelajahi dunia siber. Namun, faktanya, ancaman golput Gen Z tidak hanya didorong oleh faktor teknologi. Temuan riset UMN Consulting […]

5 Environmental Terms That Gen Z Should Know

Zero Waste Campaign Illustration

As it’s publicly known, the Earth’s condition is simply getting worse. The climate is getting warmer and warmer. As Gen Z, a.k.a the generation that will probably live long enough to bear the impact, we’re freaking out. 

The Importance of Knowing Gen Z’s Self-Values

Gen Z's using their right during climate change campaign

Using Schwartz’s theory of self-values, we found that Gen Z are self-transcendent individuals. It means they value the welfare of other human beings and the environment. Basically, they’re not selfish earthlings.

3 Movies That Got Gen Z’s Portrayal Right


Gen Z Diary: Movies That Accurately Representing Us UMN Consulting, Jakarta – As the post-millennial generation, we (Gen Z) are no strangers to binge-watching our favorite series and movies. It feels weird and incomplete if we do not manage to finish our favorite series and movies in a single take. Even a survey says that […]

Who Are Gen Z In Their Own Words?

Who Are Gen Z In Their Own Words?

Answering “who are Gen Z?” is not an easy matter. We asked six Gen Z to explain the concept of their generation in their own words