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Social Media and How Gen Z Enter Online Shopping

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Gen Z and The Struggle to Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste

26 September 2022 Risna Alfianingrum

Gen Z can never cease doing anything practical, such as ordering food online. By only tapping screen here and there, they can reap the convenience like nobody ever did. Not only that, they can also save lots of money as discounted items are available weekly. Yet, as the planet’s genuine protector, they are aware that food packaging contributes to a large amount of inorganic waste. The dilemma comes from that realization. 

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Do Gen Z Care About Medical Mask Waste?

23 September 2022 Risna Alfianingrum

It’s been two years since the pandemic hit us, and we (Gen Z) can finally remove our masks. In May, Indonesian President Joko Widodo lightened the mask mandate as the pandemic continues to improve positively. After all this time, have you ever wondered where all of our used masks go all this time? How many are used every month? We have the answers. 

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Gen Z and The Tea on Electric Vehicles

25 August 2022 Karyuwi Intan Barton
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