How Gen Z Invest Despite Buying Coffee 3 Times A Day

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Gen Z and Their Steps Toward Financial Freedom

16 December 2022 Risna Alfianingrum

Data from our latest survey about Gen Z’s Financial Behavior and Literacy shows that 62.53% of Gen Z identify themselves as having medium investment knowledge. That means they understand investment and invest in low-risk instruments.

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Dear Finfluencers, This is How You Get Gen Z Attention

02 December 2022 Karyuwi Intan Barton

As the last series of Dear Finfluencers, this fourth article will dive into what Gen Z are looking for from finfluencers and the type of specific knowledge they need on financial literacy. Even though only 16.67% of our Gen Z respondents are strongly affected by finfluencers’ recommendations there are a few ways to turn this around. 

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Dear Finfluencers, This is What Gen Z Think about You

25 November 2022 Karyuwi Intan Barton

Dear finfluencers. It’s hard to deny that approaching Gen Z is one tricky business. Especially, Gen Z’s standards are heavily influenced by their self-values, and the advancement of technology shapes them into critical individuals. Sowe’ll present our research on what Gen Z would do after seeing finfluencer’s recommendations and what the government says about this trend. 

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