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Dear Finfluencers, This is How You Get Gen Z Attention

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Gen Z and Their Steps Toward Financial Freedom

16 December 2022 Risna Alfianingrum

Data from our latest survey about Gen Z’s Financial Behavior and Literacy shows that 62.53% of Gen Z identify themselves as having medium investment knowledge. That means they understand investment and invest in low-risk instruments.

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How Gen Z Invest Despite Buying Coffee 3 Times A Day

09 December 2022 Risna Alfianingrum

Coffee has secured an important part in Gen Z’s lives. The nickname “The Coffee Generation” is not an exaggeration at all as it’s common to hear a satirical joke that says Gen Z are broke because of coffee. Fortunately, that’s not true. We will tell you how Gen Z invest their money despite the mockery.

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Dear Finfluencers, This is What Gen Z Think about You

25 November 2022 Karyuwi Intan Barton

Dear finfluencers. It’s hard to deny that approaching Gen Z is one tricky business. Especially, Gen Z’s standards are heavily influenced by their self-values, and the advancement of technology shapes them into critical individuals. Sowe’ll present our research on what Gen Z would do after seeing finfluencer’s recommendations and what the government says about this trend. 

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