5 Ways to Reach Gen Z Through Digital Marketing Videos

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Gen Z Diary: How to Reach Us Through Videos

UMN Consulting, Jakarta – Labeled as the true digital native, reaching us (Gen Z) through digital marketing is arguably one of the most effective ways. We live and breathe with digital gadgets in our hands, they are practically our necessities. We can even spend more than 8 hours in the digital space to access digital content. 

Even though it is effective, it doesn’t mean targeting us through digital marketing will be easy. A delicate approach needs to be taken. We expect brands to appeal to our personalities, values, and interests because we want brands to be the extension of who we are. We also wish for brands to appear genuine and emotionally resonate. As Gen Z can digest information relatively quickly, we can spot things that do not feel right easily. 

This blog post will share the tips and tricks to reach us through digital marketing videos. As Gen Z, we value video more than any other media form. Some of our favorite activities and spending are even related to videos. Therefore, we want to show you how to reach us through video.


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1. Short Video Is The Way to Go

A short video is a no-brainer. According to Parallel Interactive, Gen Z watches 68 videos per day. Latest Gen Z’s Digital Media Consumption and Activities report from UMN Consulting shows a similar finding. According to the report, 78.5% of Gen Z like to spend their time in the digital realm watching online videos. 

Creating videos to showcase your brands, products, or services on the digital platform will help you reach solid numbers. As mentioned in our report, we (Gen Z) spend more than 8 hours per day in the digital realm to access digital content. However, not all kinds of videos will do. For Gen Z, bite-size videos are preferable. Concise videos will allow us to get the main message quickly in the middle of an infinite stream of content. 

The big question is, how short? There isn’t a specific formula about how short the video should be. Some brands manage to go under a minute. Some of the most effective TikTok videos are merely 15-60 seconds. However, it’s worth noting that an average person has an attention span of about eight seconds. 



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2. Find The Right Platform Where Gen Z Come From

Finding the right platform is essential to reaching us. Even though we (Gen Z) are practically living on social media platforms, it doesn’t mean we live on every digital platform. To reach us, you need to find our favorite platform that can also support short video content. 

Regarding that matter, choosing Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok is the way to go. Those three platforms are among the top five most popular social media platforms among us, according to UMN Consulting’s Gen Z Digital Media Consumption and Activities report. Furthermore, three of them are also known for their user-friendly technology and interface that can help creators without video editing knowledge to create content and market their brands quickly. 

If you have to choose one to reach us, we suggest choosing Instagram. We know that TikTok popularity has grown massively among Gen Z in the last few years. However, a survey from UMN Consulting in 2021 says TikTok hasn’t reached the top spot. There are 96.8% of Gen Z who have Instagram and 66.2% who have TikTok.


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3. Emphasize Storytelling, Not Only Hard Selling

As the post-millennial generation and true digital native, we (Gen Z) are showered with tons of digital content every day. Arguably, it will affect how to find the right type of ads for us. While hard-selling content is still adequate to gain our attention, it tends to age poorly. To counter those problems, emphasizing storytelling instead of hard-selling can be the way to go. 

According to UMN Consulting’s latest report about Gen Z’s Digital Media Consumption and Activities, we prefer bite-size content and material that can resonate with us culturally and emotionally. Storytelling can be the solution for it as the method (in the right hand) allows content creators to create more compelling and memorable stories regarding certain brands.

One of the most successful marketing videos that utilize storytelling well is Coca-Cola through its Drink What You Mama Gave You campaign. The video tells the story of two boys arguing about Diet Coke. One of them argues that Diet Coke is for women, while the other believes Diet Coke is universal. The video ends up with a montage of videos that show how powerful a woman can be and it all starts by building a story about Diet Coke. 


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4. Gen Z Prefer Comedy, Not Tragedy

Previously, we (Gen Z) say that we like videos that can resonate with us and can give us a memorable storyline. The truth is, we also like entertaining and comical videos.

Based on the latest UMN Consulting report, comedy is indeed what Gen Z want to see in digital marketing campaigns. 59% of Gen Z’s choose comedy as their favorite concept for digital content. 

That finding further reinforces the claim that most Gen Z use digital media for entertainment purposes. In UMN Consulting’s latest report, finding entertainment is among the top five reasons Gen Z have more than one social media account.


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5. Know Gen Z Values and Concerns

You can’t create content for us, Gen Z, without knowing our values. To reach us, you need to understand us. Thinking otherwise that we can be reached with similar strategies to approach Millennials is considered ill-advised. To understand us, you can start by exploring our self-value. Self-value heavily influences people’s goals and motivations as it serves as their standards or criteria for decision-making. 

UMN Consulting’s Gen Z Digital Media Consumption and Activities report says Universalism and Benevolence values mainly determine Gen Z behavioral motivation. Those two emphasize the protection of nature and the well-being of people. Therefore, it is recommended to have those values within your digital marketing videos. 

The previous report from UMN Consulting about Gen Z’s Lifestyle and Consumption Habit also can give you a hint about what we are concerned about. 24.53% of us care about the environment, and 22.41% care about social disparities. In short, showing positive values and the will to make a difference in the world in your videos holds much importance for reaching us, Gen Z.



We hope these ideas can help you to reach us, even if you don’t see an idea that immediately jumps at you as fascinating. It’s not that hard to approach us, just keep in mind that we are different from previous generation. You can learn more about us by checking UMN Consulting reports and freemium content or our collaboration with Kompas.com

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