General Information

As an independent research institute and a part of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, we specialize in developing customized research and analysis about environmental issues, business opportunities, human well-being, and young generations.

We cover various research types such as Brand Creative Development, Market Knowledge, and Product Innovation. For more detail, check our “Profile” page.

Our service is focused on your business or research problems. We provide research, assistance, and consultation services. In addition, we can also help you customize the research you need and access our panel to ensure your business or agency get the necessary data. For more details, check our “Services” page.

We put greater emphasis on environmental issues, business challenges, human well-being, and young generations. We also use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a reference for our independent research.

We are ready to serve professional agencies or institutions such as marketing agencies, non-government organizations, and government agencies.

Other than research services, we will also give you assistance and consultation services in order to help you find out what kind of research you need to help your business or campaign. For more details, check our “Services” page.

As a part of our commitment to giving you reliable data, we have established our group of real-life consumers, the Youth Panel. They will answer every research questions you have established or selected.

You can directly contact us through the “Contact Us” page. We’ll happily brief you regarding the payment for our services.

Besides consultation, analysis, and research services, you can also get our various products through our website, such as premium whitepapers and freemium articles.